Healing Services

If you're not familiar with Shamanic Healing you might be wondering what it's about. On the simplest level it's about becoming the fullest and most balanced you.

As we walk through our lives, many of us experience varying levels of trauma, loss, heartache, etc, and this can lead to feeling less than whole. We can leave pieces of ourselves behind, lose power to others, forget our purpose or lose touch with our dreams... we can gather "stuff" that doesn't belong to us, or hang onto things we don't need to anymore.


Shamanic healing works with the subtle world of spirit (fully benevolent and compassionate spirits), who help us clear away the murkiness, drop the baggage, reclaim anything we might have lost. We lighten our loads and fill ourselves up with our own lost power.

Rate: $140-160 first session

Follow-up session: $100-120

(many people benefit from more than one session)

Sliding scale available for those who need it.

A Shamanic Healing Session is  a personal ceremony for healing, realignment, and deep grounding.

Any of the following services can be woven into a Personal Shamanic Ceremony:


Shamanic Journeying

Soul Retrieval


Ancestral Clearing

Cutting Energetic Ties

Reclaiming Lost Energy & Power

Returning Energy (that isn't yours)

Kundalini Vidya

Sound Healing

Each ceremony begins with soplay (clearing with smoke) and intention setting, and ends with sealing and grounding.

Breathwork and other daily practices can be offered as take-home medicine, as well as vibrational essences, teas, floral bathing waters, smoke clearing herbs, and other shamanic tools.

Some reasons people may choose to receive a Personal Shamanic Ceremony:


~ personal change and growth

~ supporting a rite of passage

~ spiritual goal-setting

~ healing emotional wounds and trauma

~ boundary work and energetic health, ~ stress relief and deep relaxation.

~ deep cleansing and purification and grounding

~ shamanic training and intiation

Group sessions for two or more people available for Sound Healing, Meditation, Journeywork, Kundalini guidance, and more, at negotiable rates.

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