Plant Spirit Connections

The most ancient form of medicine on the Earth is plant medicine— for thousands of years humans & plants have been connected symbiotically, from the cultivation of plants as food & remedies, to the spirit work of the shaman. When we ingest a plant medicine, whether it’s a herbal preparation, or a vibrational essence, we invite the spirit & intelligence of that plant into our lives.


Connecting with a plant spirit is much more than visiting a favourite tree or keeping a fern on the windowsill, and it’s a deeper journey than working with a Flower Spirit Essence to clear energy or bring about change. The initial connection is made in a ceremonial setting, and we then take the vibration of the plant into our bodies daily (working with Flower Spirit Essences, as well as teas, smoke clearing herbs, etc, depending on the chosen plant). Intention is everything in shamanic work, so we hold the strong and clear intention of beginning a relationship with the plant spirit. This work can be undertaken alone if adept enough (click the MORE button, below).


For people who are newer to this work, or who want a deeper connection to the plant (as well as guidance on their journey), the Plant Spirit Connection can be opened, "held" and closed by another person (preferably a curendera, shaman, or plant empath). When we open a Plant Spirit Connection, we offer a beautiful personal ceremony in a safe space, as well as a shamanic journey to the spirit of the plant. The participant is taught how to journey alone so they can continue their work at home, and they are given all of the information/suggestions/ guidance they need to grow and maintain their connection. The energetic connection is checked daily (at a distance), and the closing ceremony seals and aligns the work completed with the plant.          

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