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Sacred Plant Spirit Essences

Powerful and empowering

vibrational essences

offering support for healing,

cleansing and personal transformation

Plant Spirit Essences offer a new paradigm in vibrational plant medicine. Rather than focusing on what ails us we instead empower ourselves to Release, Receive & Renew. Each plant offers a myriad of gifts: we choose what we want to welcome into our lives, & then work with the corresponding plant.


The plants in this medicinal range are often called Master Plants—they are particularly powerful plant spirits who have a long & deep history with humans: they are our elders, here to help, teach, guide & protect.


Each Sacred Plant Spirit Essence is made in full sun, by a devoted plant empath, hand-crafted from new buds, untouched flowers, & occasionally other potent plant parts. All bottling takes place on full & new moons for potency & purity. Each individual bottle is energetically sealed with Mapacho smoke.


There are many ways to choose an essence to work with besides reading the brochure & making a mental decision. One way is to stand still, hold an essence in the dominant hand & slowly bring it towards the solar plexus: the body will either tilt towards it, or away.


Dosage: 1-7 drops in water, or under the tongue. Less is more. Consider calling on/praying for the blessings, guidance, etc. of the plant spirit before ingesting. Working with clear intention in the strongest way to create change.


Stock bottles available upon request.

Agua de Florida

for ceremony, meditation,

and energy work

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What is Agua de Florida?


~ Agua de Florida is a sacred plant medicine traditionally used for      protection, energetic clearing and grounding during ceremony and healing work—also known as spirit water, florida water, and shaman’s spit. Extensive traditional uses range from   personal  fragrance to being taken into the mouth by shamans and sprayed as a fine mist for healing and protection. The spirit of each plant resonates within this sacred synergistic preparation.    


~ This small batch Agua de Florida  is highly concentrated, free from artificial additives and made with intention. It was infused in ceremony during full moon in co-creation with the plants, brewed until the following full moon, and succussed for two additional weeks, then finally  bottled on new moon and sealed with the smoke of  mapacho.  Contains 16 essential oils, a tincture of 18 dried plants, and 11 gem essences, all chosen for their strong protective, clearing and healing abilities.                

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