Shamanic Dieta

A plant dieta is a form of deep shamanic training and initiation. Dieta are usually undertaken by people who are embarking upon shamanic work, particularly with plants. For some, it's the natural next step after Plant Spirit Connections and journeying work, and is one of the deepest forms of personal healing.

A dieta is a much stronger and deeper journey than a Plant Spirit Connection. It is opened, held and closed by a curendera/o who can work with other strong shamanic plants, like Tobacco, and who can monitor the vibration of the plant within another's body at a distance. The dieta carries strict dietary requirements, including the absence of salt, sugar, and oil for the duration (more information below). During a dieta, the plant integrates into the body, becoming part of it, and changing it forever on an energetic level.

There are different types and intensities of dieta. The strongest being an isolation dieta in a retreat setting. Presently we facilitate "social" dieta, and only for people who are ready. Participants are required to undergo a series of healing ceremonies in order to determine their readiness, the plant for the dieta, and also for any necessary preparatory clearing etc.


The dieta can be one to three months, and will be opened and closed in ceremony. We offer clearing, healing, and teaching dieta, but the level of dieta is literally decided by the plants.

Traditionally, dieta are also offered to people who seek strong physical healing, and this can be queried via the website contact form. If we cannot help, we can recommend centers in Peru with people who have the necessary facilities and training, and who have access to more plants.

Shamanic plant dieta are usually undertaken with Master plants like Rose, Tulsi, Sage, Cacao, Tobacco, etc.

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