Space Clearing

"Everything you see has it's roots in the unseen world." ~Rumi

Whether you desire a blessing on your new apartment, or you need something unseen cleared away or rebalanced, we can help you.  People hire cleaners to scrub their physical space, and gardeners to tidy the outside areas, but there's often much more impacting us on an unseen level. Sometimes the unseen makes itself known, and most people are not equipped to deal with the subtle realms. This is when you need someone who can navigate those places.


A blessing ritual is a beautiful way to clear old energy, to set intentions for the dwelling and it's occupants, and to bless the land and living space. 


A blessing can include many elements; for example, prayers at the entrances to the dwelling space, smoke and sound clearing of the dwelling space, as well as offerings to the land, animals, plants and bodies of water (where applicable). Special prayers and intention setting can be included (with or on behalf of all inhabitants).

A blessing might also include a full assessment of the land and dwelling in order to identify and resolve energetic, geopathic or spirit issues from the past.

The blessing itself can be as simple or as elaborate as desired. It can be highly personal and small and take inside an hour of time, all the way up to a large gathering of people, a semi-formal ritual, and a feast (kind of like a shamanic housewarming party). It's entirely personal, and pretty much anything can be accommodated.

Planning/consultation can be organized via Skype, email, or phone. And a blessing can be performed at a distance, in person, or by the dwelling's inhabitants.

$60-80 for the initial assessment, including the preliminary distance clearing, prayers and educational materials.


We offer space clearing for personal dwellings and businesses, but they can often be a little different.


Sometimes a space will carry the energy of the previous business, and if that business  didn't do well, the energy can linger in the space like a bad smell and often deeply affect the current business. We can clean out the old space energetically so your business is unhampered by previous energy.

An initial assessment can be done in person, via phone or Skype. $60 for the assessment, including preliminary clearing and educational materials. After a completed clearing, we will also teach you how to keep your space clean with a few simple practices.


When it comes to private homes and personal space, there's a little more involved. We will assess the land and dwelling on an energetic, geopathic and spirit level-- sometimes individual clearings on the dwelling's adult inhabitants are  necessary/suggested.

$80-110 for the initial meeting, Skype or phone session, also including a preliminary distance clearing (which can sometimes resolve most or all of the issues) as well as an assessment if further work is needed. If necessary we will offer a quote for further work and explain what is involved. We can then book a deep clearing, and maybe individual clearings. We will also share information about clearing and maintaining personal space, and offer handouts to support the education.

​Unfortunately it's not usually possible to offer a sliding scale on this service, although we are sometimes able accept other services or goods in part payment.

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